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How to scale your business?

How to scale your business?

Are you the entrepreneur who has been struggling to get any traction in your business? Or are you the entrepreneur who has been crashing it, but you cannot possibly squeeze one more client or project because you lack capacity? If this applies to you it is critical to focus on how to help you understand which task to delegate, automate, or delete. It is important to realize what the value of the tasks are and what it is that you are supposed to do in your business.

Easy to lose track of the vision of your business and yourself.
If you are deep inside your business, it is easy to lose out the big picture of it.

Your daily habits are difficult to change, and even more difficult if you do things chaotically without any order, structure, or planning when no two days are ever the same. Eventually at some point, reality sets in and we must face the fact that we are truly short-changing ourselves. We start understanding the need of a team, a road map, a system in place. Maybe you are a Queen of laying a road map, and you showed up each day with a main goal to be achieved by crashing all the daily tasks? But despite that, those things are not moving as fast as they should.

Your reality is not exactly as your vision set for your business and yourself. You are bagged up with the tasks, you know should be deleted, delegated, or automated.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you cannot allow this to be your everyday reality. You need to work on the life you want and do the things that are meaningful to you.


How to feel freedom and joy on the other side?

To stop the vicious circle, you should sit down and break down all the things/ tasks you do in your business and decide which things to keep, delegate, automate, or delete. By using the Eisenhower Matrix, you should decide which tasks you should keep and which to delegate. For example some of the CEO tasks are Planning-goal setting, learning, relation building, outlining new marketing campaigns, sales calls, creating systems, financial planning, team meetings.

There are also tasks, which are urgent:

Emails needing immediate attention, big new opportunities, project deadlines, preparing for a podcast.

The things that we should delegate or automate could be interruptions, customer questions, social media postings, show notes, inbox management, newsletters.

The things that we should delete are scrolling social media, meaningless tweets.

Build your business on the foundation system and support.
To be able to work prosperously and scale your business you need to decide what is your daily target. To come up with that amount you need to look up at the yearly revenue goal. Then to cross out the days you don’t want to work to calculate the numbers of days you will be working. By dividing the revenue by how many days you will be working to come up with the daily revenue target. Let’s say your daily target is £500.

You need to sort out the tasks by the value to be able to reach the daily target by organising the time you have. Therefore, if you spend most of the time on administrative tasks, then you do not bring the business into your business, you only spin the wheel, but you do not progress.

I will look at an example of one of the potential days you might have experienced so far.

For example, you spend 2h creating graphics on Canva, then 2h writing newsletters, and 1h posting a job on social media, in total you spend 4 precious hours and only earn around £100.

Instead, you could only do tasks, which are worth £1000 an hour. It could be by securing a deal with a client or recording a video for a new course/product, live stream a podcast, mapped out a new marketing campaign, the opportunities are endless.


What is it that you are supposed to do in your business?

When you spend a lot of time on highly leveraged high valued tasks, you are planting the seeds that are growing and at the end it will be worth a lot more than an actual £1000/hour. By signing a deal with a client, it could bring you 5 times more profit than the time you spend on securing it. If you didn’t have this time because you are mapped up with all the administrative tasks of the business, you could lose out on the opportunity of scaling your business and progress.

By spending more hours on the tasks that are more important and bring more profit, you will free the time by delegating the tasks, which are not bringing the money into a business. So, when we get to the bar of £1000/h you need more £1000 hours than £20 hours. Start putting in £1000 hours a day to watch how fast you will see the benefit of that time. The only thing keeping you away from the things is the person to take over a £20 hour task to scale your business. Please check out my offer and see how I could help you in developing your business.

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